5 Things We Love About Dream Maker Hot Tubs

5 Things We Love About Dream Maker Hot Tubs

Confused about all the different hot tubs on the market today? Do you know what makes a great deal or not? Do you want a hot tub with all the bells and whistles but don’t want to pay $10,000 for one? Perhaps a hot tub that’s easy to move around or one with simple controls and a simple set up? At H.O.T. Pools, we are excited to show you why we love Dream Maker Spas.  A USA owned and operated company, Dream Maker is an industry leader in cutting edge hot tub design and manufacturing.  If you are looking for the best deal in town, then you’ve found it. The following are the 5 reasons we love Dream Maker hot tubs.

1. Simple hot tub to use and install

Unlike most 220V brands on the market, these hot tubs are so easy to set up. Being set for 110V, all you need to do is plug it into a wall socket. This saves you so much time and money during installation because you don’t need to pay an electrician to run new wires or install GFCI breakers, saving you upwards of $800. Just plug in and play!

2. Durability

Traditional hot tubs have been made using fiberglass, acrylic and wood cabinetry for decades, but Dream Maker have forged a new path with a material known for its strength-to-density ratio. Dream Maker Spas are rotationally molded using Medium Density Polyethylene. It is a material used in sporting, medical and automotive industries because of its durability factor and its resistant to scratches and dents. Dream Maker hot tubs are also built with steel and foam, not wood, so your hot tub will never rot, get mold or get termites which is especially important in the Texas heat. The pillows are also made with MDP, so they will not tear, rot or scratch like many higher end hot tub pillows. Weather-resistant, durable for a lifetime and environmentally friendly – what more could you ask for in a material!

3. Affordable luxury

One of the reasons we chose to be a Dream Maker dealer is because they are an affordable spa. Yes, we can get you in a $10,000 or $15,000 spa if you want it (we deal in Sunbeltspas.com and sunrisespas.com too) complete with hundreds of jets, bluetooth audio and all sorts of upgraded features. But after talking to our customers, we found that it’s just not realistic for many to drop that kind of money. 

So if you don’t want pay exorbitant prices but don’t want to give up on your hot tub dream, we can promise you a high quality, affordable spa with our Dream Maker range.  

They have all the features of $10,000 hot tub but at half the cost. You could go home tonight with a tub that includes LED lights, a waterfall, steps and a cover all set up quickly on your deck for as little as $3500. Not to mention the low running cost of $18 a month or savings on installation. If you’re looking for an affordable hot tub without compromising on quality, Dream Maker is the spa for you.

dream maker hot slide

StoneHenge EZ-Spa with Lounger

GreyStone with Grey Brick Panels

dream maker hot slide

StoneHenge EZ-Spa No Lounger

Shown in Cobblestone with Espresso Brick Panels

dream maker hot slide

Crossover 730L

Shown in Sterling White Pearlglaze and Espresso Panels

dream maker hot slide

Crossover 730L with Lounger

Metallic Grey Pearlglaze Spa with Black side panels

4. The Portability Factor

Dream Maker Spas are extremely light weight, so moving them to a new house or rearranging your back patio is a breeze. Heavier, more expensive competitor models often need concrete poured to support the weight, but these hot tubs are light enough they can just be set on the ground.  It would only take two people to move a Dream Maker and you won’t need to hire specialist spa movers, ever! People often don’t think about this until it’s being set up their yard and that’s when they really appreciate how portable a Dream Maker is.  

5. The Look!

Finally, we love the look of Dream Maker Spas and we think you will too. With colors pairings like Espresso and CobbleStone white, Metallic Grey and Black or Sterling White and Taupe (our favorite), you have the look of a luxury spa just without the price tag. Design panel options like wicker and brick add an edgy, on trend feel, completing the look of your designer outdoor patio. 

Drop into our showroom anytime to view these amazing spas. We are located off HWY 6, at 7023 Sanger Ave, Waco. We are confident you will love your new hot tub as much as we do!

Find your hot tub at www.dreammakerspas.com.