Trying to fix cloudy water can be a frustrating process because it’s difficult to figure out the root cause. We’ve had a lot of customers coming in with cloudy water problems over the past few weeks. Why are we seeing so many cloudy pools? It could be a number of things.

Firstly, think about your filter. When was the last time you backwashed? When was the last time the sand was changed in the sand filter? The last time your D.E. cartridges were cleaned? If you’re backwashing at least once a week and you’ve answered one of the other two questions with ‘recently’ then something else is at play.

Now is the time to bring in a water sample to your pool professionals. Cloudy water may mean there is a excessive amount of copper or iron in the water. It might mean you have a lot of combined chlorine. It might mean your alkalinity and PH levels are really high or really low. The recent rain could have certainly affected your water chemistry causing it to be cloudy. 

If your chemistry is restored, you’ve been running the pump 24 hours and backwashing, but the water is still cloudy, your next move should be to use a good clarifier. We sell Super Blue for $13.99 a QTR. If you don’t use it all trying to clear up your pool, you can continue to use this as a preventative throughout the year and keep the water beautifully clear all summer. The clarifier will stick to all the particles that were too small to filter out. Backwash 48 hours after using the clarifier and run the pump 24 hours. If it’s still cloudy, add clarifier again and backwash after 48 hours. Try it a third time and it should clear up after a week

Have you tried all this but your water is STILL cloudy? Then there is one other option. Floc the pool. You can only do this if you can vacuum to waste. Liquid floc will settle anything in the water to the bottom, and you can run your vacuum and get it all out in one go. Only attempt this is if your confident in vacuuming because if you haven’t done it before, you may just make it worse. Make sure to turn your pump off when you add the floc and leave it off for 24 hours before vacuuming. Get your water tested with us before you start because you must have enough chlorine in the water and your PH and alkalinity levels must be in range. 

At this stage, we have exhausted all options and your pool should be clear! Come see us if you need help turning your cloudy water back to clear!

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