Sundance® Spas

Sundance® Spas

Sundance® Spas

Sundance® Spas is a premier provider of innovative and luxurious hot tubs, dedicated to enhancing well-being and transforming outdoor spaces. With a focus on advanced hydrotherapy, energy efficiency, and enduring design, Sundance Spas offers a diverse range of high-quality products that cater to relaxation, rejuvenation, and social connection.

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680 Series Hot Tubs

With seating for two to six people, the portable hot tubs in this series offer a classic hydrotherapy experience in addition to a variety of other options.

680™ Series

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780 Series Hot Tubs

Combining new technology with old-fashioned know-how, outdoor hot tubs in this series are a delight to use. Their low profiles and seating variety come together to create the perfect escape.

780™ Series

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880 Series Hot Tubs

The 880 Series features the best of everything Sundance® Spas has to offer and seating options for up to eight people.

880™ Series

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980 Series Hot Tubs

With seating for between five and seven people, the hot tub models in the 980 Series contain all the desired elements from Sundance® Spas.

980™ Series

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Splash Series Hot Tubs

As the most innovative spa company, we’ve created the Sundance Splash Series to bring more families together.

Splash™ Series

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Patented Fluidix® Jets

The innovative Fluidix® jets function without bearings that may clog or components that wear out, seamlessly blending air and water to deliver exquisite massage experiences. Designed to target reflexology and acupressure pressure points, these jets help alleviate stress and tension, allowing you to fully relax. No matter your preferred Fluidix® jet combination, your Sundance® Spa ensures an unparalleled experience.