Our customers have been venting their frustrations this week about all the Live Oak trees dropping their leaves and pollen ending up in the pool. Combine it with the huge wind storms we’ve seen lately blowing anything from sand, to more leaves and more pollen in the pool, it makes for a pool owner’s nightmare every spring. 

We know this time of the year is one of the most difficult in the pool season so we hope the following helps to address the top three questions about spring pool management. (Of course, if you haven’t taken your cover off yet – don’t! – wait until the pollen season is over before taking it off.) 

1. How long should I be running my pump each day?

Running the pump consistently is essential to keep a pool clean and clear, however we don’t want to see you get large energy bills because of overuse. So it is important to assess it based on the current condition of the your pool. For example, if it’s already clean and clear then running it between 8-12 hours during daylight hours will be enough. If you are treating the water with chemicals, then be sure to run it 24 hours a day.

2. How often should I clean my filter?

The pollen season usually lasts about three weeks and if your pool is particularly affected by this, then you should look at cleaning your filter once a day. Once the pollen eases off a bit, then wait until the pressure builds to between 6-8 psi above the normal level. Then you know to backwash your filter. 

3. What else should I be doing to clean my pool at this time?

This time of year is hard and it can feel like your always behind on maintaining your pool. We’re here to take that worry away. Heart of Texas Pool & Spa offers a range of cleanings supplies that will help you get through this part of the pool season. We also offer free water testing, so we recommend to get it tested at least weekly so you can get your chemistry accurate. We usually find that algaecide is often needed around this time. Of course, if you don’t have the time or want to mess with any of these, then our service guys can come out and do it for you. 

Once again, pop in anytime to have a chat to us about your concerns – we’d love to hear from you and we’d love the chance to help you out.