Healthy Water is Happy Water!!

Pool Water testing is a crucial part of pool ownership in protecting your investment along with your family. At HOT Pool and Spa we do the hard work for you by offering FREE Professional in-house water analysis. Using our advanced computer system, we guide you through the proper steps in getting your pool water healthy and ready for the back-yard BBQs.

We believe you should come by the store and have it check professionally at least once a month, plus we always love talking to our customers, so just come by and say hello! You definitely should test your water at home at least weekly as well, either with a test kit or test strips. We offer all the products you need to test your pool or spa at home at great low prices.

Just keep in mind with this crazy Central Texas weather that your pool chemistry will change and vary. So keeping a close watch on your pool water is important in order to protect your investment and your family.

As pool people, we would love you to test your pool water as much as possible, but we know life sometimes is busier than I-35 on a Friday afternoon. But if possible try to take advantage of our free testing services and expert advice.

At Heart of Texas Pool and Spa your family’s safety and happiness in the pool is our number #1 priority.  If you have any questions please contact us any time.

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