Customer Reviews

Waco Pool & Spa takes pride in providing 100% customer satisfaction, and we appreciate hearing about your experience with us. Please take a few minutes to browse through our testimonials to see what some of our clients have said about their experience with Waco Pool & Spa.

Linda G. AvatarLinda G.

Beat and amazing nice people. Best place to get what you need. The people care about everyone that comes in their place. - 7/22/2022 

Heather R. AvatarHeather R.

Just got an inflatable spa and wasn’t sure which products to get. Lloyd helped me get setup and outlined an easy system to keep me enjoying the spa every day. Highly recommend! - 11/08/2022 

Kevin V. AvatarKevin V.

We’ve had great experience with Waco Pool. Austin does an outstanding job keeping our pool looking pristine! I appreciate his attention to detail. - 9/22/2022 

Kenneth B. AvatarKenneth B.

Waco Pool & Spa are dependable, reasonable in price. They do an awesome job on our pool and always go above and beyond to make sure things are correct. We could not be happier. thanks for the effort and professionalism. - 11/22/2020 

Lydia B. AvatarLydia B.

Our pool has been crystal clear and sparkling since Waco Pool & Spa took over the monthly treatment three summers ago! The staff is friendly and helpful, and the pool techs are courteous and efficient. - 11/22/2020 

Melissa W. AvatarMelissa W.

We have been using them for pool service for 4 years. Very pleased! They do a great job and are always very responsive if we have a question or a problem (after the freeze, for example). - 11/22/2021 

Wyndee K. AvatarWyndee K.

I have been using Waco & Spa for a couple of years we love it! It is so nice to have someone take care of our swimming and spa. We purchased a spa from them 2 years ago and have enjoyed it so much. They are all so friendly and always will to answer all my questions. - 11/22/2021 

Sandy K. AvatarSandy K.

Love Waco Pool & Spa! We contacted Waco Pool & Spa to come help us set up our pool for the summer and answer our questions about how to use our heater. They were wonderfully patient with all of my questions, got our pool up to snuff for the summer, and even helped get the correct filter baskets for our pool. They even installed the baskets the next day while we were away from home. Definitely plan to continue to use Waco Pool & Spa for our pool and hot tub needs. - 11/22/2020 

James F. AvatarJames F.

I am very impressed with the service they provide. There's always going to be a Karen or 2 on here bringing down your average. There's 2 sides to every story. - 9/22/2022 

Wes C. AvatarWes C.

Great company! They are reliable and very helpful. If I ever have issues with my pool or equipment, I can call or e-mail and they will respond very quickly. Highly recommend! - 11/22/2021 

John M. AvatarJohn M.

Very satisfied with the service of Waco Pool & Spa. Very dependable and the pool always looks great. They communicate issues or changes in a timely manner. They are really easy to work with! - 5/22/2022 

Steven F. AvatarSteven F.

I have used this pool service for the past 4-5 years as it has evolved. In general it is a fine group of pool service professionals. There has been the mishaps through the years with greener personal (not closing a backwash valve; draining the pool!) and putting chlorine tablets in our basket (instead of our chlorine buoy). The service has increased in price every other year and at times my wife comments that the service tech. does so little. On the upside, when I contact Waco Pool & Spa they immediately return my call or email. Solutions for problems are found and they can fix all the mechanical aspects of the pool. I trust them weekly for up keep of our pool and they know our pool well. - 11/22/2021 

Shaunta B. AvatarShaunta B.

We just switched this year to HOT Pool and Spa and we are very happy. They give detailed reports each week. They are very responsive and helpful with any questions we have. They have gone above and beyond in their work. This is the cleanest our pool has ever looked. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a pool cleaning service. - 11/22/2018 

Kenneth E. AvatarKenneth E.

Great customer service. They have always responded on any issue I have had with my pool quickly. Always willing to give me advise or send someone to look and fix the issue. - 4/22/2022 

Ann R. AvatarAnn R.

Waco Pool and Spa has awesome service. Austin has given us great pool service and we appreciate all he does to be sure our pool looks great. Thank you! - 9/22/2022 

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